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We’ve decided it’s time to be more intentional about date night. With all of the quality time we spend together, it can still be way too easy to neglect the importance of intentional conversation (not simply recapping our day or whispering sweet nothings), or perhaps more importantly having ample energy left for one another. We are huge advocates for the importance of date night and building oneness, and yet find it difficult to prioritize it ourselves 100% of the time. Tell me we aren’t alone!

One way we’ve started setting date night apart is with these simple-yet-elegant save the date night cards. Several friends have seen them on our fridge and have asked about them, so we thought it would be fun to provide them to you as well! This set of four is printable on on letter-sized paper, and are available as a complimentary download (updated as often as we design them for ourselves).

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Kel and Mel