A focus on marriage means providing an experience that enriches your relationship, ensuring that the environment in which you are asked to make decisions is one that allows you to do so as a team, and using our gifts and abilities to document the genuine beauty that exists within a sacred vow.

the process::

I. Connect

We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions. You may be undecided about whether you’re ready to move forward with making a reservation, and that’s okay! Let’s connect and then go from there. Simply fill out this form to get started.

II. Make a Reservation

Once we’ve had the opportunity to make introductions and reach a decision on which offering you are interested in, we will secure your reservation with a deposit and begin planning.

III. Consult

Authentic imagery happens when you are comfortable and genuinely happy. For that reason (and because we truly enjoy hanging out with our couples), building a rapport is essential to our process. We will meet to get to know more about each other, as well as start making plans for your session styling and location.

IV. Capture

Our shooting style is relaxed, purposeful, and intimate. We offer direction that you can confidently master while still allowing for a true representation of how you naturally interact. Our approach produces emotional images that depict not simply what you look like – but how you felt.
Meet her gaze and softly whisper a meaningful expression of gratitude. Settle in to that embrace while the comfort of his touch evokes a natural response.

V. Consult

An optional (though strongly-encouraged) get-together for presentation of your final images. Serving wine and cheese, we offer assistance in selecting heirloom pieces from your experience.

VI. Product Delivery

Shipping is included at no additional cost to you. NOTE: All of our products are finely crafted, custom orders. This means the turn-around time may be several weeks prior to delivery.