a challenge for your marriage:blessing your spouse daily

kel and mel, intentional marriage

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We have been challenged to deliberately bless one another every single day. Along with that, we were instructed to keep a log of the blessings given and received – so skipping a day doesn’t go unnoticed. It has been a wonderful learning experience, after 13 years as husband and wife, as we discover new ways to bless one another. And it’s been incredible to realize how many little habits we have already built in to our marriage specifically for that purpose.

It has been rewarding to both give and receive these blessings, so we are extending said challenge to you as well. Throughout the holidays – when the hustle and bustle makes it easy to neglect our spouses – let’s find a way to intentionally bless them every single day. Whether it’s something little – such as getting their coffee (and knowing exactly how they like it), or something that requires a little more effort – such as planning a date that that they’ve been hinting at for a while. And remember, this is not simply another item for your to do list. It’s an investment in your marriage.

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We invite you to download and print the above log for your personal use.

Kel and Mel