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Our desire is for marriage to be held in high regard because of what it was created to represent. In addition to serving husbands and wives through the art of photography, we are on a quest to lift up marriage through the following platforms:

Fine Art Marriage
  • Fine Art Marriage

  • Founded by Melonie
  • Our hope is to inspire husbands and wives to cherish their relationship with a renewed commitment to love unconditionally. To depict the elegance of marriage that stands apart from the sitcom version. And to reveal that a fairy tale has nothing on the authenticity of unwavering devotion.
I Still Do Project
  • I Still Do Project

  • Our Gift to You
  • It is our hope that husbands and wives will be empowered to remind one another often that they are still committed to love and cherish. In sickness and in health. In times of plenty and in times of want. In joy and in sorrow. As long as we both shall live.
The Elle in Love
  • The Elle in Love

  • Our Personal Blog
  • In a world of striving for perfection, it can be tempting to compare our own out-takes with the highlights of others. We hope to be an encouragement by offering an authentic look at our marriage -- the joy we find in oneness, the effort that goes in to figuring that out, and the laughs we share along the way.

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