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Destination: Date NightButcher and BeeNashville

Butcher and Bee
About once a month, we go out for a special date night that is all about connection and edifying our marriage. For this particular date, we're looking for more than just something fun to do. We anticipate and prepare for the evening together, and set it apart for meaningful conversation and laughter. So when we moved to Nashville two years ago, one of the first things[...]

a table for twodate night in :: 002

a table for two
"A few special touches on the table helps recreate the magic of dining out for date night in, adding both beauty and function while elevating the mood and inviting connection to thrive." Going out to a great restaurant is something we love to do for date night! In fact, we love it so much that we are going to start bringing you reviews of our favorite date night s[...]

december date nightconnection :: 012

december date night
"Enjoy quality time with your spouse creating lasting memories this holiday season. Set aside the to-do list, and connect over meaningful conversation." Have you ever noticed how much easier it is when someone else takes care of the planning? Even though we one of us adores fussing over details, there is just something about an invitation for which all we need to[...]

charcuterie and cheesedate night in :: 001

charcuterie and cheese
"An elegant yet simple date-night at home. Especially great for those evenings when you’re limited on time for prepping a meal, or just prefer lighter fare that won’t leave you feeling over-stuffed and sleepy." Sometimes we want a quick, simple solution for date night in that still feels a little set apart from the casual, everyday meal. Enter the charcuterie an[...]

save the date nightdate night design

save the date night
. . . We've decided it's time to be more intentional about date night. With all of the quality time we spend together, it can still be way too easy to neglect the importance of intentional conversation (not simply recapping our day or whispering sweet nothings), or perhaps more importantly having ample energy left for one another. We are huge advocates for the impo[...]